Published October 14, 2018
Note to readers:  I apologize for the mistake on the last excerpt.  I don’t know in what moment of confusion I hit the …
Published October 1, 2018

Dear Readers:
It has come to my attention that excerpt 16 didn’t get posted last Monday.  I have posted it today …
Published September 30, 2018


A hot sun this morning.
Dear Catherine,
I washed the car this morning in my bathing suit. Summer …
Published September 17, 2018
Hello Readers,
I apologize for not publishing last week’s excerpt 14 until midweek.  It sat in drafts until I noticed it there.
Her Widow, …
Published September 14, 2018

Her Widow

Warm breezes from El Nino blow on shore.
Dear Catherine,
I am at Murphy …
Published September 2, 2018


A note to my reader:  The publication of Her Widow has been delayed a couple months while …
Published August 27, 2018
Her Widow

The dogwood has white blossoms, and six yellow tulips stand erect at the tree’s base like lady sentinels.
Dear …
Published August 20, 2018

Her Widow
A sparrow has built a nest in the corner of the porch ceiling.               …